All work is performed in a GAFTA assured laboratory with tests to meet the usual ISO standards. We use the very latest IT systems to deliver your results directly to your desktop in real time.

Our facilities

  • Grains, oilseeds, pulses – Two dedicated grain analysers and rapid falling number analysis
  • Feedstuffs – The latest Diode Array NIR instrument backed up by a full wet chemistry facility
  • Forage – Industry standard forage analysis; fresh grass, ensiled material and hay.
  • Seed – All seed tests are offered to ISTA methodology
  • Soil – All major and trace elements using fast throughput instruments
  • More soil – OM, humic and fulvic acids, etc.
  • Microbiology – Salmonella, e-coli, moulds etc. Call for details.
  • Reference Lab – We have a well respected facility for international reference methods for grain and feedstuffs.
  • Wet chemistry – Not only do we offer well calibrated NIR but anything can be checked by wet chemistry for peace of mind.
  • Resistance testing – plant resistance testing to the most commonly used agrochemicals.
  • PCN – We offer quantification and speciation of PCN, BCN and other nematodes and also…
  • Faecal Eggs – Enumeration and speciation of eggs and larvae in faecal matter.